OBICCool 300C

Cementitious & Tile

Patented Water-Based 100% Acrylic

Solar Heat Reflective Coating

OBICCool 300C is a 100% pure water-based Acrylic Heat Reflective Coating for all types of cementitious surfaces like RCC, asbestos sheet, side walls, concrete roofs, bitumen sheets, tile etc.


  • Excellent durability and elongation properties
  • Exceptional gloss and color retention
  • Helps in bridging cracks and acts as waterproofing when applied over OBICCool 100C Primer
  • Can be easily applied by brush,roller or airless spray
  • Single component,ready to apply


Warehouses, Factories, Agriculture, Hospitals, Retail, Railway Stations, Bus Depots, Airports, Convention Centers, Hotels, Multi-Unit Residential Housing and more…

Physical Properties

TSR : 80% minimum

SRI : 102

Pull off Adhesion : 2.8 Mpa

Hardness : 3H minimum

Overcoating Interval : 2-3 hours

Developed under theMake-In-India initiative and tested as per BIS and ASTM Standards for Solar Reflectance and Durability from NABL Approved Labs.